Rural CODES is a training project within the framework of the European Erasmus plus program. We invite workers and people active in the field of youth and community building to experience for a week a process of community mobilization based on Oasis methodology in a village in the hills of Madrid.

We will create a space of encounter between people from different European countries, for the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of capacities for working with diversity in communities (cultural, generational, social …). Supporting transform a generalized perspective of scarcity, in a scenario of abundance of opportunities for coexistence in peace, the creation of networks of mutual support, social entrepreneurship and the promotion of social initiatives in rural contexts.

Oasis Collado Mediano

During the week of September 26th to October 2nd 2017, a group of participants from different territories will have the challenge of mobilizing the community of Collado Mediano, a village in the sierra of Madrid, to create an oasis, a place for abundance in scenarios of scarcity. Building together a space that represents their dreams and visions on the best of the worlds, recognizing, celebrating and mobilizing local talents and resources. This translates into the transformation of a degraded area into an area of cultural expression, care for the environment and / or communities undertaking economic projects of high social impact.
The Oasis game promotes sustainable livelihoods, in balance with nature, welcoming diversity, and generating a path for a positive global change.


Do you want to take part?

This is your training if ….

If you are concerned about the global social and environmental challenges that we are facing today and you want to take action to overcome them. If you work or are active in the field of youth or community. If you have open mind and heart to embrace diversity, and deepen the path to social cohesion. If you want to learn, interconnect, live and build with your own hands a process to mobilize communities, using a methodology of social innovation, recognized internationally. If you want to promote initiatives of community social entrepreneurship to support the sustainable local development of a town. If you want all this to happen in an environment where art, play and fun are also part.
If you would like to share your experience with a group of participants from rural areas and other territories of Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.